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Rob is unfortunately not accepting students currently.  

Rob’s passion for understanding and playing music is only equalled by his love of teaching.  With over 25 years of teaching experience, many of Rob’s students have gone have incredibly successful careers of their own although Rob loves teaching beginners and can get you up and playing your favourite songs if you are a totally new to the guitar.  Either way, whether your aim is to play Carnegie Hall, a campfire, or your bedroom, Rob can help.  Rob prides himself on simplicity, clarity, and a pragmatic step by step approach when it comes to learning music that is almost entirely directed by your tastes and goals.  Rob will teach you to play and understand music through learning and deconstructing songs and you’ll even pick up some nerdy music trivia along the way…..did you know George Harrison played bass on Drive My Car because Paul couldn’t get the riff quite right?  Johnny Depp plays lead guitar Ryan Adams’ Kim?  Toto was the back up band on Thriller? Book a lesson by reaching out through my contact page HERE


Rob is currently in the midst of writing an instructional book and will be releasing online vide excerpts on his YouTube channel soon.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, here's some books/links that might help your playing! Enjoy:


Mark Hanson - Contemporary Travis Picking

Kenny Sultan - Introduction to Acoustic Blues

Carl Schroeder and Keith Wyatt - Harmony and Theory

Guitar One Presents Lesson Lab


Hal Crook - How To Improvise

A great book by my old teacher.

Hal Crook - How To Comp

A topic that usually goes unaddressed.

David Baker - How to Play Bebop 1 - 3

David Baker - How to Learn Tunes

Roberta Radley - The Real Easy Ear Training Book

Barrie Nettles - The Chord Scale Theory

Effortless Mastery - Kenny Werner

Zen and the art of playing music. A great read for any frustrated musician.

Time for the Future - Brett Willmott

Polyrhythms specifically for comping.

Latin Guitar - Bill Buckingham

The Brazilian Guitar Book - Nelson Faria

Pentatonics - Jerry Bergonzi


Kurt Rosenwinkel Pentatonic Excercise 

(sadly the original video was taken down)

Pat Metheny Arpeggio Craziness


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